Has Your Master Mind Group Ever Hit A Dry Spell?

There are a number of reasons why this might have happened but the most common being that the group or certain individuals have lost their “focus” in some aspect of their lives. Even if just one member loses focus – and maybe not even master mind related, such as a personal event – this lack of focus can change the energy of the group.

To keep your group fresh and fully energized I recommend scheduled “mental conditioning events.”

My mentor Bob Proctor recommends this very thing to the Master Mind Groups that I lead as a LifeSuccess Consultant. Following is an example of the kind of mental conditioning that I might bring or recommend to a master mind group.


Would you be interested in understanding how a person can move themselves from simply setting goals with random achievement, to ACHIEVING goals with predictable success?

It is in understanding that our mind is a “Human Goal Achieving Mechanism” that works with the precision of a well programmed computer, that will deliver to us consistently produced results in goal setting.

Let me illustrate this for you using a graphic for our mind that was developed by Dr. Thurman Fleet, a chiropractor in San Antonio, Texas in the 1930’s. This simple graphic will give you a visual aid to help you understand how your mind works.

As this illustration shows we have a mind and a body. Our mind is divided into two parts – our conscious mind and our subconscious mind.

Our conscious mind is our thinking mind. It’s where our thoughts originate. This portion of our mind chooses to accept or reject any new thought or idea presented to it. It is the portion of our mind where we reason. It’s where our awareness lies.

Our subconscious mind is our emotional or feeling mind. It’s a warehouse of our memories, habits and conditioning. It is where our belief systems lie. Dr. Maxwell Maltz in his book, Psycho-Cybernetics, states that this part of our being is our self-image, that causes us to feel, interpret, and perceive the world through our own ego.

In our conscious mind, our intellectual mind we can choose our thoughts – any thought we want. We can choose look at the world around us and pick out the things that are out of place or that make us uncomfortable, or we can be in difficult circumstances and choose to seek out what is good and best about that circumstance.

Ultimately we have responsibility for what we choose to think. And what we choose to think about determines our feelings. Our feelings are expressed as action – and it is our actions that produce our results. So it follows, that if we desire to change our results, we must change the thoughts that we are choosing. It is necessary to become consciously aware of what we are thinking about.

It is important to realize that the results we are getting are in no way a reflection of our potential. The results we are getting in our lives are a reflection of our thinking up to this point in our lives. Our potential is infinite and all we have to do is increase our level of awareness.

We have a mind – conscious and subconscious, and a body. We have five senses that we use to communicate with the world around us – we see, smell, taste, touch and hear. We begin to use these senses immediately when we are born and develop our thinking from the outside in. We have learned to allow our environment to determine our thinking vs. allowing our thinking to determine our environment. I’m here to tell you there is a much better way.

Our problem is that we have been conditioned to think and relate to our world with our senses and we’ve never been trained or encouraged to develop the higher side of our personality. It is the development of our intellectual faculties that allow us to control the way we think. These intellectual faculties are like “mental muscles,” that when properly developed we can control our thinking and get the results we desire in our life.

The very first of our our intellectual faculties is PERCEPTION. Our perception is our ability to look at the world and see circumstances different than from what they may at first appear to be. Wayne Dyer says, “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change…” When we look at obstacles as opportunities to grow we no longer get emotionally involved in that which we think we cannot do and we look for possibilities.

The next intellectual faculties is our WILL. Our WILL is our ability to concentrate or to remain focused to the exclusion of all outside distractions, not allowing our own negative thoughts or comments from unaware people detour us from our intended course.

IMAGINATION is the intellectual faculty that allows us to mentally create big beautiful pictures. Albert Einstein had carved into his desk that imagination is more important that knowledge. Look around you, everything in this world started out as an idea in the mind of an individual. That’s how we’re able to fly around the world, fly to the moon, light our world, communicate globally without wires in seconds, save lives with miraculous achievements in medicine. Prior to these great ideas and discoveries, the perception was that none of these things were possible, but what these great individuals did was introduce us to their ideas and developing their imagination to overcome obstacles of precedent so they could discover the unknown that was there all the time. Our imagination is our key to seeing what we want, believing we can do it and achieving our dream.

You’ve probably heard people say they have a bad memory, and they repeat this over and over and when they try to remember things – they can’t. The truth is that we have a perfect MEMORY. We have the ability to pull up the memories of past successes, how we felt when we won, achieved or accomplished something. We have the ability to inspire ourselves to action when we face opposition to our Great Big Creative Idea by recalling our best memories to remind us that we can succeed.

One of my most favorite of our intellectual faculties is our INTUITION. Wayne Dyer describes this perfectly when he says, “If prayer is our communication with God, Intuition is when he communicates with us.” Unfortunately most of us aren’t aware of how to use our intuition to it’s fullest advantage. We get an idea and compare it with our current circumstances and make the conclusion that if our new idea and our current circumstances are not in harmony then the idea must be impossible. The truth is that we would never have gotten the idea if we were not capable of bringing it to pass. If you are gifted by God with the idea, don’t ask yourself if it’s a good idea or a bad idea, rather ask yourself “If I act on this idea, will it move me in the direction of my dream. If yes, then just step out and do it.

The last of our intellectual faculties is our ability to REASON, the God-like ability to think and choose.

Each of us are created in God’s image,

We have the responsibility to be grateful – to look at the amazing world around us and give thanks.

As god-like creations we have the ability to forgive and release others to their higher good.

We have the ability to love, be loved and express love.

And, we have the ability to create things with our thoughts.

In this realization of our divine nature, created in the image of God , we can do all things – we can create the life we desire.

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