21 Day Vitality Program

It takes 21 days to make it a habit. This is a fact. If we examine all the habits we perform in a day it would likely move us towards a deeper level of insanity than already there. Habits are patterns, patterns are sub conscious beliefs, these beliefs shape the world we live in.

2012, the end of days; or something like that. It’s likely the end of the world, the world as we know it – so how do you know it? Are you numb to the sensations of life or over sensitized to the pace of the world?

In 21 Days of Vitality we will together, discover how to reclaim our mind, our power, our right to a healthy, beauty-full and light life, a Stellar Life! We begin in the morning. As all good things do… rise and shine… but how?


As you begin to rise scope out in your mind what you are thankful for – gratitude can wake sleeping giants. In a state of gratitude drink a glass of fresh spring water. Water filtered only by nature that comes directly from the ground; living water. If there is not an immediate access to spring water go to all other options before tap or bottled.

Once you have this precious water, and yes, it is so precious, begin to recite an affirmation statement as you slowly drink the water. Thoughts are things, water makes up our body.

Now out of bed, in the wash room. Splash cold water on face. Scrape tongue. Get to the kitchen, shuffle along in your fuzzy green slippers, or twirl to the tune of a happy song… Drink 1oz of rejuvalac Supplement with Acidophilus Drink a glass of fresh green juice Prepare a smoothie for later in morning Prepare a nutritious meal for the day


Drink tea, eat your lunch, keep some snacks on the go.

Make a smoothie or another green drink

drink more tea!

Bed Time

As I lay my head to sleep…. state again gratitude and affirmation. Dream with intention and power.

With in a few days layers of old habit will shed. Like many things; change brings resistance. Is this resistance serving you and your highest good – is this resistance letting you live a stellar life; healthy, beauty-full and light?

Habits when made aware of can be sneaky – we may even grieve our old ways; it wasn’t that bad, it will be different this time…. I know. I’m feeling an old habit sneak up on me for a delicious cup of coffee. First I am questioning – why? And second, laugh because the coffee shop I (would) go to is called Habit.

Enlist friends and family with you- everyone will benefit and green juice – a great recipe is celery, spinach, green apple and parsley. Blend it all up in high speed blender. Pour through a nut milk bag (get one online or at health food store). Enjoy.

Be Stellar.

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