What Is The Key Factor To Goal Achievement?

Here’s a money making idea – choose a figure that you know you can achieve.

If you make $5,000 a month, please don’t aim to make an additional $5,000 because it’s nothing “unique”. So if you make $5,000 a month, aim for an additional $15,000. It should be something that you’re comfortable with and you can celebrate as an achievement but not impractical. If you make $5,000 now and you aim to make $6,000, well that’s nothing much to celebrate here, is there.

The most important you must do from the very beginning is to have the INTENTION to achieve your goal.

Then follow through to make it happen because if you don’t set the intention, you will never do anything about it.

That sounds simple enough but what happens if you DID have the intention and took action and yet you still can’t achieve your goal?

Ponder upon this…

Does success comes immediately? For some people it does and that’s fantastic for them.

However, for most, success doesn’t come in a week or a month. You have to continuously practice what you know about success and one day, results will start coming in. When you have that One Day Success, keep riding on that. Once they have “compounded”, you will be successful.

There are definitely going to be obstacles in your path… plenty of them. And get this — everybody goes through the same thing.

That’s why most people are unable to achieve success! When they don’t see result, they thought that it’s over but missed out knowing that the ‘compound effect’ hasn’t even started yet. Most people, when they don’t see results coming to them, they say to themselves that whatever they’re doing aren’t working so they go back to their normal lives. That’s a waste.

Try to understand this clearly — If you don’t take the first step TODAY and follow through, nothing will happen in 6 months or a year down the road. Absolutely nothing.

But if you start doing something NOW, you can start seeing results in the future and opportunity starts to present itself. You see, when you take action, something ‘magical’ happens — you’re making opportunities available for you instead of waiting for it to come.

So how much do you want to make next month? An additional $10,000? If you set a strong intention that you really want this to happen, you will follow through to make sure that it happens. Maybe not in 30 days, maybe in 60 days? But hey, if you don’t do it now, nothing will happen at all.

Do you remember the time when you first learned to drive a car?

You were totally lost when you first got behind the wheel. Maybe you still can’t get it right at the second try either. But did you give up? You didn’t, because you know that you will be able to overcome it and drive your car.

That’s why you’re able to drive your car today.


Think about your childhood when you first learned to crawl or learn English? Did you give up?

Did you say that English is too hard for you to understand so you’re not going to learn it and you’ll be fine? Of course not.

You’ve learned and that’s why you can speak English now. That’s why you are able to communicate in whatever language that you use right now.

You did not give up. You followed through with it. You had the strong intention to be able to speak English. You made sure that there’s no way out or second option that allows you to live without learning this.

But when when it has to do with achieving success and creating wealth, people don’t perservere like when they were learning to drive a car or learn another language.

Your mind work in ways that you cannot understand but it’ll lead you to get what you want. So if you can focus on the things that you want to achieve, the kind of success that you want to have, you will follow through and experience success itself.

All you have to do is set the intention.

With that, you will attract Success to come to you. Well, it may not come to you as fast you’re expecting but it will come to you eventually.

Which is better? Late or never?

Copyright (c) 2011 Patric Chan

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