Should You Be Honest? Learn Why Dishonesty Is Very Dangerous

Many people believe that when they are dishonest they have many advantages. They think that they are smart when they use short-cuts instead of following the narrow and time consuming road of honesty. However, this is a misleading belief.

Human beings like to be bad because they have inherited an evil and absurd content in the biggest part of their brain. This is their anti-conscience, in other words, their primitive conscience that didn’t evolve like their human conscience. The anti-conscience keeps inducing everyone to prefer what is bad, so that it may have the chance to destroy their human conscience when they agree with its absurdity.

Accepting dishonesty is first of all, very dangerous. Secondly, it will never really benefit anyone, even if in the beginning it may seem to be a smarter solution.

When you are honest you respect the other human beings, and your conscience remains clean. You will also have many advantages in the future because what is well-done will be resistant and always valuable. What is done in a dishonest manner has many defects, and provokes many future problems. You should delay more and work harder in order to do a perfect job, instead of doing everything in a wrong manner, for believing that you’ll have many advantages this way.

In the future you’ll have to pay for your superficiality and lack of responsibility. You may even have to pass through many embarrassing situations when your mistakes will appear in the surface. You won’t be able to hide them forever. You cannot control the world’s functioning.

Besides this fact, when you accept doing what is bad, your anti-conscience becomes more powerful, while your human conscience is destroyed by the craziness you accept without criticism. Whatever is bad is also absurd because it generates abnormal reactions and sick situations. If you’ll keep accepting what is bad, you’ll completely lose your human conscience, and then become mentally ill.

Moral principles are not ‘silly’ rules. They protect your sanity and dignity. They help you follow a wise philosophy of life, instead of losing your peace of mind and facing despair.

Moral principles were in fact originated by the wise unconscious mind that produces our dreams, and gives us artistic and religious inclinations. Whatever is good in the human behavior comes from the unconscious wisdom. Whatever is bad comes from the anti-conscience’s absurdity. There is nothing ‘neutral’ in our nature. Indifference to what is bad is as harmful as cruelty itself. If we won’t be good, we will unavoidably be bad.

The wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams will give you many explanations, until you’ll finally understand why you should defend justice. You need the unconscious guidance even if you believe that you should be honest because you live in a world governed by violence, immorality, hypocrisy, and greed. You’ll tend to accept dishonesty many times, without understanding your mistakes. The superior unconscious wisdom will teach you how to clearly discern what is good or bad in any situation. This is how you’ll keep your peace of mind and mental stability for life. 

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