The Power Of The Life Plan

If you are wandering through life without a defined plan, you belong to a majority of the population. About 90 percent of men and women don’t invest in life planning-establishing goals and attaching a timeline. They adopt the attitude that life will lead them where they’re supposed to go.

You have one life and the clock is ticking. Is that cavalier approach really the best choice for you? That’s like getting behind the wheel of a moving car and not steering it. You’re headed on a crash course.

Your life will be affected by so many influences-friends and family, teachers, media, politics, the economy, and religious and peer groups. From where you live, the school or job you choose, the friends you spend your time with, what you eat, and even how you think and feel is a reflection of all of the influencers in your life. You have the choice of being lead by others or taking control and steering your own destiny.

The people who achieve joy-health, wealth, satisfying career, and successful relationships-have tuned into their needs. They’ve identified what they want to achieve and mapped out a plan to guide them toward meeting those goals.

A life plan can give you a target for your journey. You identify those things you want to achieve in your life-both small and large. You can plan for the short-term, like the next month or year, as well as many years ahead. Your plan will certainly have some flexibility as conditions change and you need to adapt. Those people who lost their jobs as a result of the economic downturn have had to make major adjustments. Some took great risks and changed their lives-like pursuing a new path or moving to a new place-and although those choices might not have been part of their initial plan, they adapted and made conscious decisions to keep their lives on track, rather than just accepting what they called “destiny” or “fate”.

If you create and follow a plan, people will follow you because they see that you create purposeful action. You are guiding yourself toward results, which is an appealing leadership quality. Your positive choices inspire others to do the same. While that may not have been your intention, it’s a natural benefit that you can help others while doing the same for yourself

Your plan doesn’t have to be perfect from the outset, but you need to start somewhere. Identify some goals for yourself-for this week, next month, a year from now, and so on. Think about the life you want, the kind of person you envision yourself to be, and the achievements that will fulfill your hopes and aspirations. Write them down. Then set a timeframe for each and map out your strategy. Revisit your plan regularly and adjust it as necessary. The act of planning will make you feel more in control of your life and give you the sense of purpose that guides you toward joy.

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