3 Steps To Removing The Cost Of Fear

Fear is one of the most paralyzing emotions we can feel and attempt to overcome. Its ability to cause the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat is powerful. It disturbs, distracts and delays.

As a Christian fear, can make our faith feel like we are following God in the dark with our eyes wide open. In relationships, it leads us to love by trying to minimize the risk of hurt or disappointment we may encounter. In our careers, it challenges the perception of our success, and delays our ability to move beyond our capacity.

Fear has caused me to draw back and not thoroughly embrace my call as a Speaker and Coach. My story is not unique but it is my story and to freely and boldly share the pain, hurt, and healing I have experienced is how I help others to heal and stand courageous in their truth.

In this article, I not only wanted to point out the symptoms of fear, but to also emphasize the cost such as time, money, career and relationships. As 2017 is approaching, entering it with a new and fresh perspective to having a great year is a start. However, a proactive plan to accompany that perspective demonstrates your decision to move forward in a strong and productive way. These 3 steps can help you to achieve that goal:

1. Acknowledge the fear – Giving voice to the fear by acknowledging its presence, begins the process of identifying what is hindering your movement. It immediately puts you into position to address it and act.

2. Define the areas of your life it is affecting and the outcome – Look at your career, relationships and goals you have set. What did you start, stop and why?

3. Create a plan that helps you to determine if you are operating in fear – The plan should outline what triggers your fear and contain 3 exercises that help you take control, redirect, and remain focused.

Fear no longer must be a stumbling block to your success. You can move forward knowing how to identify its presence and implement a strategy to defeat its purpose. Great things are awaiting you in the new year. Let this be the year that you are no longer moved by fear, but by the power of your passion.

Here’s to your success and a great new year!


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