So What Do You Value?

Some like to be famous. Maybe not when you ask them point-blank; it might be embarrassing to express it. And why, you may ask, what is the purpose of being famous? And now that you know this, how will it influence your focus?

There are a lot more things in life which are important. Involvement for example. The commitment you may develop to finish what ever job. Commitment to politics.

Maybe you want to belong to a group, or maybe it is something you not value at all to be important. And what about creativity? How important is it for you to create new ideas or new products at work and what are your artistic talents?

What becomes clear from these simple examples is that you have to choose in life. For example, you may value creativity and you would rather be an artist, but that the next value might give you problems.

Because how about economic security? Is that more important to you and what will this mean for getting to most out of creativity. Will you choose to be an artist, knowing that economic security is more important to you?

Maybe that thinking about these values requires you to be honest. Some degree of honesty is needed to outline your personal strategy.

You need self-esteem, not only in this process, but during every stage in life. And if you rate low on this one, it will interfere with your personal development. You need faith to trust on your strengths and on some luck that we all need in our life. Yet luck is relative and hard to influence. But if you know what you value, you are able to influence your development. Only if you make choices.

You can’t have it all. It is of no worth if you value all equal…

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