The Earthquake in Japan, Uprising in the Middle East, Darkness and Light in Our Evolving World

In 1999, I channeled that Japan would experience a devastating earthquake and tsunami during the years of collective earth changes early in the 21st century. Other Intuitive people have seen this event coming for many years as well. But in the midst of massive devastation, predictions that are proved accurate do nothing to bring comfort or healing to those affected. I needed to sit with the newsreels for a while before writing this article. Although I can spiritualize the situation, I also know that sometimes it’s important to be present with pain before trying to analyze it. An event as devastating as this one can leave many people feeling vulnerable and fearful. Some people remain in a constant state of pain. Some choose to tune out altogether because the pain is uncomfortable. Others seek to understand and transform. My intention is to offer you a feeling of empowerment and recognition of your role as active participant in the healing process for Japan, Haiti, the Middle East, in your own life, and for the planet as a whole.

It upsets me to see some of my psychic colleagues making proclamations that cataclysmic events are intended to serve as a devastating form of punishment. I’ve come across messages from such “seers” suggesting that we are undergoing population control, that victims of natural disasters are experiencing karmic payback for harm that they’ve inflicted to others in previous lives, references to a coming apocalypse, and other implications containing a vibration of shame and blame. Human beings judge. It is our nature to do so. Spirit – the Collective Light in the Universe – God Consciousness – does not!

I’m also coming across all kinds of theories about dark forces and “shadow” governments attempting to take over the world. At the very least, these concepts offer a template for a fascinating sci-fi film or novel to be purchased at local grocery stores. Perhaps the theories are true. However, I’ve always subscribed to the belief that there is only one Light and that we are either connected to the Light or (temporarily) lost from it. Although straying from Light may look like darkness, I don’t believe in a full construct of duality.

I’ve written other articles about how crisis is the platform for change and healing. As millions of people around the world shift focus from their daily mundane tasks and allow a few minutes of prayer, sending healing energy to Japan, Haiti, and the Middle East, just imagine how the collective energy shifts. That’s a lot of love being consciously disseminated to the universe! If millions of people are glued to their newsreels to find out just how terrible a situation is, then imagine how much energy of fear, struggle, sadness, and victimization is being held collectively. We always have choice about where we direct our energy!

Going back to the commonly perceived duality between darkness and Light, I tend to think that some of our more complicated problems can be broken down into language and scenarios that children deal with daily.

Everyone recalls the local playground bully. As a child, I too was teased. I remember thinking at age 9 or 10 that I must have done something really horrible in a previous life in order to deserve such punishment. I lashed back at times. As I got a little older, I essentially got over all that drama. I had enough. I surrounded myself with caring and supportive friends and personal interests. If there was teasing, it faded into the shadows as I focused instead on what I really enjoyed. As an adult, I spent 10 years working as a child and adolescent therapist in urban clinics and school where I counseled countless bullies! Working in the inner city, many of the kids I met with were involved in criminal acts and gangs. No matter how angry and venomous these kids were, I can honestly say that every “troubled” kid I worked with eventually displayed at least an iota of vulnerability and expressed a wish to make things better. The same was true of their parents – many of whom experienced generations of substance abuse, domestic and community violence, and “dog eat dog” mentality. When people go into attack mode, it’s due to fear, a sense of powerlessness, and having forgotten about their Light.

In body, the ego contains an energy of fear, victimization, the acting out child who doesn’t get his way based upon his limited understanding of right and wrong (narcissism), shame, blame, and a whole lot of drama. Through the guise of the ego, it can be difficult to remember that we all have a body of energy that is eternal – the Soul – and that every soul agrees to enter into each body that it inhabits. Family, culture, geography, society, points in history, health, finance, relationships, talents, inner conflicts, career themes, politics and natural disasters are all part of the Soul Contract. The collective energy on earth is evolving rapidly at this juncture in history. Every soul who has agreed to participate in this evolutionary cycle is illuminating more brilliantly for having done so.

In Spirit, we are free of the limitations of ego; we can see Higher Truth more clearly. The 3rd dimensional (earthly) world was created to provide an opportunity to evolve. Lessons of safety and security, faith, love, compassion for self and others, creativity, authenticity, proper use of power/will, use of inner guidance are acquired with greater depth when practiced in the 3rd dimensional plane. As we enhance our Light here in Earth School, we add to the collective uplifting in the universe. Our individual growing and transforming serves a Higher Good as directed by the innate God-Consciousness in the Universe. Therefore, it would serve no purpose if the world imploded and came to a screeching halt. And if it did, there are backup plans with other planets in other galaxies where our eternal souls would continue to incarnate in order to follow a path of further evolution. We must remember that God/Light is not outside of ourselves, but rather, within us and that Divine intervention is always at work to support further illumination.

As an Intuitive Counselor and Past Life Regression therapist, I have worked with hundreds of clients who, through Hypnosis accessed their inner Light, remembered with profound awareness that they not only come from the Light but also are part of it. In doing so, they accessed a greater feeling of empowerment for shifting their experiences than they ever thought possible in some of the most challenging circumstances. By looking through the guise of the ego (separation from Light) significant transformation occurs and we can see a bigger picture.

It’s unfortunate that our media and many aspects of our culture emphasize the importance of telling and retelling the story of struggle. But that is part of the challenge of the third dimension! Acknowledging hardship and ‘hanging out’ with pain for a while is important. So is transformation. Last August, I gave a podcast talk about aligning with energy shifts. These are some of the points that I suggested – along with a few others:

1. Understand where you came from psychologically and spiritually.

2. When you identify old wounds and triggers, acknowledge them with compassion and then take immediate steps to transform that experience. Don’t continue to repeat the story of your hurt. You’ll run out of breath – and likely bore the people around you!

3. I can offer the following tools:

a) Through visualization, cut the karmic cords that bind you to a painful experience.

b) When you tune into a painful experience or memory, release any tension you notice through your breath.

c) Explore the use of energy medicine for integrative wellness. This may include Chinese medicine, homeopathy, flower essences, and gem stones.

d) Keep a journal of your desired outcome and feeling set. Use your imagination to create the desired outcome.

e) Use daily rituals for self care.

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